Upcoming Events

Post date: Jan 29, 2015 3:58:47 AM

Upcoming events on the Calendar, On February 10th, the second Tuesday of the month, we will have our stated communication at the Senior Center in Cloquet, dinner at 7, lodge will open at 7:30. I plan on arriving early to get a game of cribbage in, being that our annual cribbage with the Knights of Columbus will be here soon! I also have an afternoon/evening event planned Sunday, March 15th to have a sauna party. Worshipful Brother Rob Nelson has his famous traveling sauna that we can use, and I thought it would be a great night to have a bbq together and possibly a few drinks and just take the time to catch up with each other. Life gets busy and I think without events like this time passes without us knowing. On Saturday February 21st we will be hosting the annual Washington’s Day dinner this year that we celebrate with Solomon’s Lodge from Moose Lake. The dinner will start at 5pm and will have some great events to follow. Also on Sunday March 15th, Grand Lodge is hosting a membership seminar down in the cities, the event is free and there will also be a lunch for the price of $10. I am planning on attending this seminar, if anyone would like to go with, I would love to have you join me. And to keep the calendar going just a little further, just a reminder that Grand Lodge will be in Duluth this year with Grand Lodge opening Friday March 27th, and an open officer’s installation on Saturday March 28th.