The Travelling Gavel

Dalles Lodge #181 is the proud home of the Travelling Gavel, a travelling trophy that has made its way over the years to many of the Northeast MN Area Lodges. The 'Traveling Gavel' is captured when one Masonic Lodge visits another with enough Brothers to lay claim to it. The Gavel has been moving around the state since 1986.

The Travelling Gavel is currently: Home with Dalles Lodge #181


1. To promote and cement the brotherly love and fellowship among the brethren of Freemasonry especially of the 5th Northeastern Masonic district of Minnesota.

2. To revitalize and renew the interest, dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and love for Freemasonry by the brethren, whithersoever disperse.

3. To increase attendance of Lodge's stated and special meetings by visits of brethren of other Lodges comprising the 5th Northeastern Masonic district.

4. To encourage brethren to visit other Lodges in the district for Masonic fellowships, education, and rendering assistance in Lodge's ritualistic functions.

5. To share common knowledge and experiences of Masonic history and philosophy and other sorts of Masonic interests.

6. To establish a reservoir of friendship and brotherly love that could be recorded in the "diary" of the Gavel while traveling to other Lodges.